Do you remember sitting in your garden for a while, just thinking? It’s not about looking at something in particular. Instead, think about all things related to your garden. Ask yourself questions like “What if I planted there a tree?” or “What if I moved the paving slabs? What would I do?” It does not matter if this was something you planned to do. Instead, you are visualizing making the land yours and brainstorming ways to improve your outdoor space.

While the process of creating a garden has changed over time due to fashion, style, talent, skill, knowledge, wealth, travel and experimentation, it all boils down to one thing: the first need. Garden design is basically about an individual exercising some control over their environment. This is what garden design is today.

While creating a garden can be time-consuming and complicated, the basic starting point is to remember that Garden Design is all about creating an outdoor space you love. There will be many conversations after you have made your initial decision. These discussions can range from what design style you like to how sustainable your garden might become. Do not let the details slow you down or discourage you from starting the process. For a garden to be successful, it is crucial that you keep your vision in mind. Our expert landscaping can help you with everything that goes into gardening. We also help to bring your vision to life and help it become a reality.

So why do we still need an encyclopedia-like this? Because designing a garden can seem lonely. Even though we are constantly bombarded by images, ideas, and information (books and the internet), it is difficult to find everything you need – from plant choice to gravel colour, fence posts, tree heights, to even how to design a garden. The very nature of having so much choice can render the designer/gardener/client more than a little confused as to what they actually want from their garden. Designers can be influenced by many things – whether it’s plants or hard materials. This makes it necessary to have some sort of refuge, where all questions and problems can be answered. Landscaping in Pretoria can be your refuge in an ever-crowded and information-loaded world.

It is usually the easiest part of the whole process to come up with an overall vision for your garden. The hardest part of the process is actually making your vision a reality. It involves planning how the different parts of your garden will fit together, how they can sustain their interest over the year, and choosing hard landscaping materials which can withstand any weather. These are the most stimulating and frustrating aspects of the process. But they make the difference in creating a garden that you love and not just a place that can be used.

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