As a novice to landscape design, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices. The same principles that guide room setup inside should guide your designs outside too! Here are seven tips for designing a beautiful outdoor space with limited time and budget:

1) Determine your requirements for a wonderful garden

When it comes to thinking about what a person wants and needs from their landscaper, the first step is making a list of both. Do you need space for your children? How much do you want your family to be able to relax together on the patio or deck? Spend some time sketching rough drafts of where things would go in order create ideas that are more concrete than just vague thoughts.

2) Negative space is your secret weapon

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your outdoor space is how the sun and wind will impact it. You might want a patio on one side, but that would mean more afternoon heat – not just during summertime, either! And if you don’t solve this problem with some well thought-out solutions then everyone’s chillin’ out by the braai won’t be so relaxing because they’ll have to contend with pesky winds too or heat too.

3) Put your favorite book down and enjoy your landscape

When you’re ready to make decisions about your yard, take the time and live with it for a while. It’s too easy at first glance to come up with conclusions that can lead to long term problems in design. In our own backyard we’ve discovered certain areas where there are perfect places just waiting for an inviting bench or swing – but I wouldn’t have thought of them on my initial tour when we bought the house!

4) Start small with your landscape ideas

Home and garden TV shows try to make it seem like they are able to create a complete outdoor renovation in just a few days, but that is not possible. Creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape takes time because there are many steps involved such as slowly developing your plan or planting flowers. You should start small with things you enjoy doing for one hour when you have the opportunity so you can see how everything develops more than filling up space right away which people will forget about over time.

5) Find a focal point in your garden

Your garden should have a focal point or series of points. This can be an incredible sculpture, beautiful flowers and shrubs; it could also be trees with gorgeous leaves, like weeping willows that sway in the breeze. All these things are designed to draw your eye throughout the space as you explore what’s on offer for you there!

6) Focus on scale and pacing with your landscape ideas

Designing and landscaping is not easy. But, scale and pacing can give your yard the look of being pulled together with varied size shapes and colors in contrast to tall plants against buildings or at the back of flower beds. You’ll want to repeat some elements so that there’s cohesion but you also don’t want monotony because an occasional element will stand out more than others by contrasting them such as adding one plant different from all other ones prevalent throughout the space.

7) You need to be open to change with any new landscaping idea

Patience is the key to landscape design. If all of that bare space is too much to look at, and kids and dogs are tracking in mud, rely on temporary solutions—annuals, fast-growing ground covers or mulch — to cover an area while you’re figuring out what should be there. Large landscaping features like trees can be hard to move; annuals can easily be taken out if they don’t work for your garden – but small perennials or shrubs might need some more time before their true beauty shines through.

Patience plays a big role when it comes down designing landscapes! Patiences needs patience during this process since large landscaping details may take longer than anticipated so we recommend using less permanent plants.

If you want more landscaping ideas contact us TODAY for all your landscaping needs

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You don’t need an expert to plant a few rose bushes in your back garden. But when you have more complex ideas, they are the experts for that.

No matter what landscaping project you’ve got going on in your home or office space, Landscaping in Pretoria is ready and waiting with years of experience under their belts and skills honed through hours of dedicated training in the landscaping field.

Landscaping in Pretoria can assist

  • A dream garden that you are proud of.
  • You won’t need to worry about getting the look you want because we can get it for you.
  • We work with your budget and make sure that you get a custom product at a reasonable price.
  • No matter what style, finish or design – we have the perfect solution for every customer’s needs.

1) Exterior entertainment landscaping ideas

When hosting any type of event, it is important to know how much space will be required. You may need a simple braai place or you might want one built by a professional? Landscaping in Pretoria can help make your current garden complement the dining /braai section in whichever way suits you best!

2) Landscaping Ideas for the kids

Your kids deserve more than a boring old swing set. Let an experienced designer and architect take care of their backyard with sand pits, jungle gyms, rocking horses and artificial grass.

We know that kids love to play, but always keep safety in mind. You should leave a space of about 2 meters between them and hard landscape elements like pots or pathways so they don’t fall against anything too rough which could cause some serious harm!

3) Landscaping ideas for your swimming pool

Thanks to Landscaping in Pretoria, today we have many more options for swimming pools ideas. You can get an infinity pool with a rustic look or go eco-friendly by combining your pool and natural water feature into one!

Designing a garden often becomes difficult when it is not possible to visualize what the final product will look like. This can lead to problems with pool installation, which has already been mentioned but bears repeating because of its importance. Pool installers always know where pipes are located and this makes them well-equipped for making sure that no damage or leaks happen during construction in your garden space.

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I am aware that a landscape is the overall appearance of a lawn or garden. However, what services are considered to be in the realm of landscaping?

In general, any additions or improvements made to a home’s exterior grounds are considered to be landscaping projects. Most people think of landscaping as any changes made to a lawn or garden surrounding a home. Regardless of the size and shape of an outdoor area, every home owner has a landscape to work with. Landscaping is the art of taking this space and transforming it into a complimentary work of art.

Why should I consider landscaping for my yard or garden?

Even if you are not currently selling your home, it is a well known fact that any landscaping activity can immediately boost the overall value of your property. When you do choose to sell your home, a beautiful landscape can add thousands of dollars to the price. Think of your yard as your home. would you avoid cleaning the kitchen until you were ready to sell your home? A beautiful landscape around can make living there more enjoyable and promote a positive image to your friends and neighbors.

I’ve decided that I would like landscaping services but my lawn needs a lot of work. Where should I begin?

One of the first things that landscapers do when landscaping a yard is work with trees. A common problem for most home owners is a large amount of branches threatening to fall and damage their house. After clearing all of the large, dead branches from over the yard, you might find that the additional sunlight immediately adds a new appearance to your yard, as well as protecting what is likely the largest investment that many people make.

Do I really need a professional to handle my landscaping?

While we would certainly love for you to try our services, some projects can be completed at home in only a few short hours. Deciding whether or not to hire a professional generally comes down to personal taste and the size of the project. You can save a great deal of money on very small projects, however, by consulting with a professional for 30 minutes or an hour. If you feel like you do not have enough time, patience or creativity to handle your landscaping, a professional might be the right choice. However, if you look forward to starting a new lawn project, you might decide to handle many of the tasks yourself.

I want to do my own landscaping, lawn care or gardening. Where should I begin?

Start your landscaping project in an area where you feel the most comfortable working. Gather some resources to help you with your project by purchasing books or looking online. You might have a specific design plan in mind that changes once you see what previous landscapers were able to do with a similar area. After you known what you want to do, start by developing a plan. Keep a watchful eye on your yard to see where the dry or sunny spots might be. If you find dry spots, those areas might require a bit more attention. Places in your yard that get a lot of Sun might be great places for new gardens.

I’ve heard a lot about color theory when choosing plants and flowers. Can I apply this to my landscape?

From a landscapers perspective, color theory is very important. This concept involves mixing and matching colors to create a complimentary piece of art with your yard. Simply put, colors such as red and yellow are warm colors while blues and greens are cool ones. To create the best color scheme in your lawn, try matching warm colors with other warm colors and cool colors in the same way. Warm colors can be exciting while cool colors are often considered to be calming. So, if you are considering designing a garden for meditation, you will likely prefer to stick to cool colors in your fixtures and flowers.

When it comes to your home, a beautiful garden is always a great benefit to have. If you want to have a beautiful lawn that always turns heads, you need to look after your garden all year round – and it all starts with mowing your lawn just right.

Here are 10 great lawn mowing tips to ensure that your lawn always looks its best.

Mow correctly

Mowing might seem simple enough, but every time you mow your lawn, you are paving the way for success or failure. If you mow correctly, you’ll have a turf that is healthy, strong enough to eliminate weeds, and tolerant to drought. Time your mowing sessions so that you never cut off more than one-third of the leaf surface at a time.

Avoid scalping

Always avoid scalping you grass, which means cutting it too short. When you have a scalped lawn, it can be vulnerable to weed infestations and diseases. A scalped lawn can also be very weak, and this will expose the soil, which is one of the leading contributors to weed growth.

If you have a sparse lawn (consider our instant lawn for sale), you make it much easier for sunlight to reach weed seedlings, which is something you want to avoid. Grass that is always cut too short will also start to develop a poor root system and this can lead to serious damage in high temperatures and drought.

Use a sharp blade

One of the best lawn mowing tips is to always use a sharp mower blade. A sharp blade will cut your grass cleanly, as opposed to a dull blade that will tear the grass and create uneven edges. This creates opportunities for diseases and pests to enter the blades, resulting in a whitish or brown hue as the tips of these grass blades die. Avoid mowing over branches or stones as this can lead to dull and damaged blades.

Adjust your mower height

Be sure to adjust your mower height throughout the growing season, by shifting the cutting deck higher during summer months to allow your lawn to grow longer. When you have tall grass, it helps to shade the soil and prevent the weed from growing. It also slows down water evaporation and allows the grass to develop deeper roots. This will allow you to create a lawn that can withstand drought much better throughout the rest of the year.

Shady lawn mowing

When you have a lawn area that is in the shade, remember that it benefits from a higher mowing height. The longer the grass blades, the more surface it has to conduct photosynthesis, which is great for lower light areas. This is a great lawn mowing tip for growing beautiful grass in shady areas.

Mowing dry grass

Always try to mow your lawn when the grass is dry. When you mow wet grass, it doesn’t only harm the grass but it’s also won’t give you the best results. Wet grass will fill up and clog the mower deck, as it tends to clump together, creating an uneven cut. Always be on the lookout for clumps of grass that fall off the mower, and to remove these from your lawn to avoid killing the grass in that area.

Mow in the shade

Just as pruning a plant can cause stress, the same happens with your grass. Mowing creates a lot of stress for your grass, which is why you should try and mow your lawn during cooler times of the day. If you mow when it’s hot, the grass plants lose more water and this means they recover slower than cooler parts of the day. Another option is to wait until there is shade on the grass before you mow.

Benefit from grasscycling

When you leave your grass clippings on your lawn after your mowing session, it is referred to as grasscycling. This saves you time and money, as you won’t have to bag all the clippings nor buy additional bags. These grass clippings can provide up to 25 percent of your lawn’s fertiliser needs, which is a great benefit to have.

You may want to replace your current blade with a mulching blade that cuts grass into smaller pieces, but you don’t need a specialised mower. Using fertilizer can also provide the nutrients your lawn needs.

Read More: How does fertilizer work?

Compost clippings

Grasscycling works best with grass that is mowed frequently; also keep in mind that you should only cut one-third of the grass blade length for best results. If you cut longer grass it needs to be raked and collected in a bag. You can also grasscycle turf by first cutting it and then rake out the clippings, before mowing over them to chop them up finely.

Choose your mowing pattern

Another great lawn mowing tip is to avoid cutting in the same pattern every time. If you do, you risk compacting soil and creating ruts. These can lead to an unhealthy lawn as well as weeds the thrive in soil that is compacted.

Landscaping in Pretoria offers professional landscaping services in the Gauteng area. For more information about our services, contact us on 087 550 3923 or visit us online.

Fertilizer can be seen as food for plants and grass, making it an important part of any healthy garden. But what exactly is in fertilizer? Have you ever wondered how fertilizer works? Simply put, fertilizer offers the main ‘foods’ that plants need, much like the food groups we consume.

What is fertilizer made of?

Plants also have main ‘food groups’ and specific nutrients that they need to stay healthy all year long. These elements are what makes up fertilizer and it is referred to as NPK. This can also be seen on fertilizer bags, showing the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) content. Plants, including your lawn, need a lot of these, in just the right ratio.

To be more specific, some of the important elements that plants need include:

  • Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen available from the air and water;
  • Macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium;
  • Secondary nutrients like Sulphur, magnesium and calcium;
  • Micronutrients like boron, cobalt, copper, manganese and iron.

Many people believe that you should only give your plants water and enough fertilizer for them to be healthy; but in fact, plants need a little more. Although water and NPK are important, plants also need trace elements, such as iron, zinc and copper. You can buy fertilizers that have added trace elements, which is always a benefit.

If any of the macronutrients are missing from the soil, the plant’s growth rate will be limited. In these cases, fertilizers can help and that’s also why most fertilizers contain only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as the rest can be found in lower quantities in the soil.

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Organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers refer to fertilizers that are natural and not made by mixing chemicals together. They consist of natural ingredients that are high in N, or K and contain trace elements as well. Keep in mind that these should still be in the right ratio.

Plants are always healthier when fed a wholesome, healthy diet, much like we are. They get this from healthy soil, with lots of organic matter, teeming with worms and beneficial organisms.

But, what is the best fertilizer to choose? Understanding how fertilizer works will help you to choose the right fertilizer at the right time, to benefit your plants, but keep in mind that most of this should come from their natural environment. Plants can’t always get everything they need from the environment around them, and that is when fertilizer can help them.

Landscaping in Pretoria specializes in professional landscaping services in the Gauteng area. For more information about our services, contact us on 087 550 3923 or visit us online.

A beautiful lawn is a great complement to any home and summer is definitely the time to make sure your lawn looks its best. But the heat of summer can quickly take its toll, which is why you need to make sure that you focus on the right summer lawn care.

Here are five great tips to ensure your lawn looks its best this summer:

Mow at the right height

When summer approaches, adjust your mower height to leave the grass taller. Taller grass will shade the soil, reduce water evaporation and lead to deeper roots. Although the ideal mowing height will vary between grass types, try to never cut more than a third of the surface at a time says John at NGB Landscaping company.

Clean up after your pooch

When your dog urinates on the grass it may cause dead spots, so always flush the area with water to dilute the urine into the soil. A good summer lawn care tip is to create a pebbled area and train the dog to use that for bathroom breaks. Also make sure that you always pick up waste as soon as possible and dispose of it properly.

Avoid parking on the grass

It’s never a good idea to drive or park on the lawn. It can lead to soil compaction, which in turn can cause a host of other problems, including dead grass. When it’s dry or very warm during summer, try to limit foot traffic on the grass to avoid damaging the turf crowns.

Sharpen your mower blade

When your mower blade is dull, it can lead to ragged, brown edges as it tears the grass. This also creates an opportunity for disease organisms to set in. Be sure to regularly sharpen your mower blade and consider purchasing a second blade to make sure you always have a sharp one available to use.

Keep it clean

With summer causing you to spend more time outside, these activities can lead to toys, water games and lawn chairs being left all over your lawn. Be sure to pick everything up regularly to avoid damage to the grass and leaving dangerous objects behind when you mow.

If you don’t have an established lawn, or your lawn is struggling make sure to learn more about our instant lawn for sale (click here) or our fertilizer (click here).

Landscaping in Pretoria offers professional summer lawn care services in the Pretoria and Gauteng area. For more information on our services, contact us on 087 550 3923 today.

Your lawn is one of the first things anyone notices about your home. A beautiful lawn with lush green grass will make a great first impressions when entertaining friends and family.

Get your lawn in perfect condition with our fertilizer for sale. You can collect in Garsfontein, or we can deliver to your home (please note there is a delivery fee).

Our Pretoria fertilizer experts will ensure that your lawn is lush and green the time the first rains come.

Your backyard will be perfectly balanced eco system ensuring a lush green carpet of grass all year round.

Contact us today on 087 550 3923 for a competitive fertilizer quote.


If your looking to install an automatic sprinkler system at your Pretoria home but still unsure, we have some benefits that can help sway your decision.  For many Gauteng homeowners, a well kept lawn gives you a sense of pride. Whether your growing vegetables in the garden or just enjoy having a well maintained yard to showcase, an automatic sprinkler system can help you to achieve your landscape goals.

To understand the benefits of installing an automatic sprinkler system we provided this list of sprinkler system assets.

Rotor sprinklers

Rotor sprinkler have been around since the 1980′s and are common on Golf course and large scale irrigation.  Rotors can shoot water from 5 meters to over 30 meters.  If the space permits, rotors are usually the go-to solution for irrigating large grassy areas.  Rotors can be set to apply water at lower pressure rates and thus are a great way to cover a large area at a low cost.

Weather Sensors

Automatic weather sensors are an essential part of any automatic irrigation system.  These sensors can adapt to your local weather conditions and react accordingly. Weather irrigation sensors can predict rain and heat conditions and will create an optimal schedule for your automatic system to adhere to. Although, when water restrictions are set these sensors do not apply, as they can not predict local watering laws.

Automatic Sprinkler System Controllers

Sprinkler controllers are the brains of the entire sprinkler system. Controllers are programmed to automate watering zones and times, this is common in most systems.  Newer controllers can have more zones programmed and have solar prediction capabilities. Having a good controller is a must in any automatic sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Sprays and Nozzles

Pop up sprays are the most common sprinkler installed when you have an automatic system. The spray can reach from 1 to 4 meters and diameter. Sprays come in all shapes and sizes, but typically use a nozzle and a body. Choosing the right nozzle and body are dependent on your landscape area, soil, and plats to be watered.

Sprinkler Valves

Valves act as the viens and heart of the automatic system. Sprinkler valves open and close to allow the flow of water to reach the rotors and sprays. Without sprinkler valves, an automatic sprinkler system would not be able to operate correctly.

Landscaping in Pretoria offer irrigation services in the Pretoria and Gauteng area with quality automatic sprinkler system installations and maintenance.

To receive a free quote on our products and services please contact us today at 087 550 3923. Our experienced automatic sprinkler installers will answer any of your questions.

Whether you’re buying instant turf from a lawn supplier or growing from seeds, it’s important you know which season is the right one to plant new lawn in, in order to give it the best chance of establishing itself.

The best season will depend on your local climate and the type of grass you’re using. It also depends whether you are planting instant lawn, or seeding a new lawn (Irrigators LLC has some great tips on choosing which is best).


Generally considered the best time to plant new lawn, spring offers plenty of moisture without being too hot, thereby encouraging deep root growth that will help the grass survive in the dry summer. If you live in a climate where spring is still cold and subject to frost, it’s advisable to wait until later in the season or even until early summer. If you are making use of the latest ipm methods, it helps tremendously to ensure your new lawn is established much faster.


The beginning of summer can be a productive time to grow new grass, as long as the days are not too hot and you make sure your lawn receives all the water it requires. New lawns may need watering up to four times a day to beat the heat stress during the crucial first two weeks of planting.


Even as other plants become dormant, most lawns continue their growing cycle during the autumn. With temperatures and rainfall comparable to the spring, you could still establish a successful lawn before winter arrives.


In most climates around South Africa, it’s recommended to wait until the spring.

Contact Landscaping in Pretoria on 087 550 3923 to speak to their instant lawn specialists in Pretoria.

Make sure your lawn is getting all the nutrient it needs by carrying out essential repairs before summer arrives, including adding a layer of top dressing. At Landscaping in Pretoria, we are big believers in using top dressing. Let’s find out why.

top dressing pretoria east

Adding Nutrients

Top dressing adds a thin layer of organic, nutrient-rich soil to targeted areas of your lawn, which will encourage the growth of new shoots, improve drainage and produce a denser lawn during the summer that will be more resistant to weeds and other infestations.

There are different varieties of top dressing available, depending on the type of soil you have in your yard. One two kilogram should be more than enough to cover one square metre of lawn.

Top dressing should only be applied when you notice parts of your lawn looking unhealthy or sparse. It should not be part of your regular lawn maintenance as this can lead to thatching and weed growth..

Repairing the Lawn

If your lawn is damaged or not level, top dressing can be strategically added to balance out the lawn surface. For deeper holes, you should only add up to 12mm of top dressing at once, adding more once the lawn has had a chance to regrow.

Lawn repairs should ideally be carried out in the early spring, when the lawn is no longer dormant but before the fast growth period begins. Top dressing should be applied one to two weeks after fertilising the lawn.

Contact Landscaping in Pretoria on 087 550 3923 to order drought tolerant instant grass in Pretoria.