Landscaping in Pretoria brings its unique set of challenges and rewards. And when it comes to adding a touch of nature to those empty spaces, groundcovers are a brilliant solution. Why are they so popular among Pretoria landscapers?

Why Choose Groundcovers for Your Pretoria Garden?

  • Versatility: Groundcovers thrive even in those spots where other plants struggle. Deep shade or slopes? Groundcovers have you covered.
  • Erosion Control: Especially for properties on embankments or sloping terrains, these plants hold the soil intact, preventing erosion.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, they don’t demand weekly trims. This means more time to relax and less spent on garden chores.
  • Natural Weed Control: As they spread, groundcovers leave little room for weeds.
  • Wildlife Friendly: From birds to little critters, groundcovers offer safe nesting and hiding spaces, bringing your garden to life.

Choosing the Right Groundcover:

Your Pretoria garden deserves the best. Whether you seek fast growth, evergreen foliage, or seasonally flowering varieties, there’s a groundcover to fit the bill.

Fast Growing: Delight in the rapid spread of Achillea tomentosa or the colorful Gazania spp.  

Evergreen: Acorus gramineus Variegata and Viola hederacea remain green all year, adding to your garden’s perennial beauty.  

Spring Bloomers: Bring in the vibrant colours of spring with the mauve blooms of Ajuga reptans or the clumpy pink of Bergenia cordifolia.  

Summer Stars: Revel in the summer spirit with Achillea tomentosa’s yellow cushions or the mauve blossoms of Nepeta spp.  

Autumn Aesthetics: The bushy mauve flowers of Barleria obusta can set the autumn tone in your garden.  

Winter Wonders: Brighten up those cold days with the yellow and orange hues of Gazania spp.

Let your Pretoria garden be a testimony to the magic of groundcovers. Remember, it’s not just about filling spaces; it’s about creating beauty with purpose.

Do you remember sitting in your garden for a while, just thinking? It’s not about looking at something in particular. Instead, think about all things related to your garden. Ask yourself questions like “What if I planted there a tree?” or “What if I moved the paving slabs? What would I do?” It does not matter if this was something you planned to do. Instead, you are visualizing making the land yours and brainstorming ways to improve your outdoor space.

While the process of creating a garden has changed over time due to fashion, style, talent, skill, knowledge, wealth, travel and experimentation, it all boils down to one thing: the first need. Garden design is basically about an individual exercising some control over their environment. This is what garden design is today.

While creating a garden can be time-consuming and complicated, the basic starting point is to remember that Garden Design is all about creating an outdoor space you love. There will be many conversations after you have made your initial decision. These discussions can range from what design style you like to how sustainable your garden might become. Do not let the details slow you down or discourage you from starting the process. For a garden to be successful, it is crucial that you keep your vision in mind. Our expert landscaping can help you with everything that goes into gardening. We also help to bring your vision to life and help it become a reality.

So why do we still need an encyclopedia-like this? Because designing a garden can seem lonely. Even though we are constantly bombarded by images, ideas, and information (books and the internet), it is difficult to find everything you need – from plant choice to gravel colour, fence posts, tree heights, to even how to design a garden. The very nature of having so much choice can render the designer/gardener/client more than a little confused as to what they actually want from their garden. Designers can be influenced by many things – whether it’s plants or hard materials. This makes it necessary to have some sort of refuge, where all questions and problems can be answered. Landscaping in Pretoria can be your refuge in an ever-crowded and information-loaded world.

It is usually the easiest part of the whole process to come up with an overall vision for your garden. The hardest part of the process is actually making your vision a reality. It involves planning how the different parts of your garden will fit together, how they can sustain their interest over the year, and choosing hard landscaping materials which can withstand any weather. These are the most stimulating and frustrating aspects of the process. But they make the difference in creating a garden that you love and not just a place that can be used.

Do you want to make your outdoor space an eco-friendly retreat for the environment? We have learnt one thing over the summer: water should not be used excessively. These low-maintenance garden landscaping ideas will transform your outdoor space to be an eco-friendly oasis.

Create a Functional Space to Entertain and Replace Your Lawn

Unless you’ve turned your backyard into a mini-golf green, do you really need that much lawn? Make absolutely no mistake, your outdoor space is prime real estate. You can make it an entertainment space with a fire pit and pergola. Pergolas are a great way to give climbing plants a place to grow. These eco-friendly, low-maintenance climbers are great for any garden, whether you love sweet peas and jasmine or grape vines.

Outdoor Lighting Create Drama, Security and an Illusion of Space.

Outdoor lighting is the top-rated feature in garden landscaping. It adds drama and dimension to outdoor spaces and makes them appear larger. This is a highly sought-after feature with many benefits. It can be either solar, which is great in today’s economic climate or electrical. Spotlights can also work well when placed along pathways, in trees or on walls.

Landscaping in Pretoria - design

Maximize Space with Vertical Wall Planting

A vertical wall garden is a great option for people who want to grow their own vegetables and herbs in an economically challenging environment. Attach planter boxes with hooks to a wall that receives 50% sun and 50% shade. You can fill your wall with planter boxes. Just make sure to leave at least half a meter between each one, in terms of width and length. This landscaping idea is great because the water from the top boxes trickles down to the lower planter boxes. You should note that although herbs can be planted all year long, some vegetables only grow in the summer or winter. So make sure you choose the right place to plant your vegetables.

There are many eco-friendly ways to enjoy your back and front outdoor spaces without spending a lot of money or taking up too much space. It is a dangerous time for water, so if you haven’t made the effort to make your backyard and front yard more sustainable, now is the time.

We can help you make your outdoor spaces eco-friendly. We can not only provide the right water-wise trees and plants but can also create an outdoor entertainment area that can be used throughout the year.

Do I Need a New Garden?

Some homeowners don’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to plan a new garden. A garden plan may have to be created from scratch in order to fit the new home.

Alternatively, you might want to transform your old garden into an exciting new space that welcomes you, your family or your guests to take a walk outside and enjoy the beauty of your garden. There are two ways to design, plan, and plant a garden. Most plants are forgiving if you make mistakes.

Obvious Solution

How can you create the garden of your dreams, and how do you do it? There are many ways to achieve your garden of dreams in Pretoria.

What’s the “But” in?

Next, your “but” may be followed by “can I afford a landscaper?” Then, you might ask “Can I afford a landscaper?”

Although living costs are high in Cape Town (the country’s most popular metropolis), they are not considered very affordable. However, recent comparisons show that Cape Town’s living expenses are quite comparable. Pretoria’s median monthly income is greater than CPT, despite Pretoria’s property and rental prices being much higher than CPT’s.

Professional Landscapers Pretoria

This should help convince you that you can afford to hire a Pretoria landscaper. Although it’s unlikely, we can tell you how affordable professional landscaping services are in Pretoria.

We can help you plan and custom-design your garden in Pretoria. It’s simple and inexpensive to have an interesting and beautiful outdoor space.

South African homeowners prefer local plants over imported varieties because they require less maintenance. It is true that the environment in which the trees originate is the best, but it is not a good idea to just plant them. Plants have a set of needs that must be met in order to thrive. Failure to take proper care of your garden can lead to plant death or withering.

While you may be keen to plant the most popular local greenery in the backyard of your home, we suggest that you first look at our top five myths regarding the growing of indigenous trees.

Any soil will work

This is one of many misconceptions about where to plant indigenous trees. Good, nutritious soil is essential for cultivating plants. Many people don’t know that there are different types of soil. The soil’s pH level and the content are also important characteristics. A professional can help you determine the type of soil in your garden.

All Local Trees Can Be Made Evergreen

It is a great convenience to plant an evergreen sapling. Many assume that “evergreen”, “indigenous”, and “indigenous”, are synonyms. It does not necessarily mean that all local trees will bear fruits, leaves, and flowers all year, even though they have been adapted to our climate.

You don’t have to water them

South Africa’s water crisis is caused by a lack of water. In order to conserve water, dry-area homeowners try to avoid exotic plants and water-guzzling plants. It is true that exotic plants may require more water but it is not correct to assume that indigenous trees will need less water. It is important to determine how much water is needed when replanting an indigenous species. Remember that local species may require more water the first year they settle into a new area.

All Over the Country, Local Species thrive

If the genus originates from a different biome than yours, planting the wrong tree in your garden can cause problems. It is possible for the tree to die or become invasive. You should research your area to determine which plants will be most compatible with the microclimate.

Indigenous Trees Grow Very Slowly

No two species are exactly the same, yet again. Some plants in the area grow slower than others. However, some exotic plants are faster. There are many species that can grow quickly in the area and can grow up to 1.5m per year.

Contact us today for your landscaping design in Pretoria.

Although landscaping is all about beautifying your yard, many homeowners choose to hire a landscaper. However, landscaping is essential to ensure your garden thrives. Many homeowners spend thousands trying to fix problems in their backyards when a landscaper could have done it quicker and for much less money.

We will look at some signs your garden needs some landscaping work.

Unhealthy Soil

The soil in your yard is its main lifeline. There are many types of soil available. They can vary in texture, moisture retention and acidity. If your soil and plants are not compatible, you might have a garden that isn’t lush or full. You may also have problems with soil pH, chemical contamination and dirt with too much sand, clay, or both.

Poor Tree Placement

Trees are amazing plants. Trees provide shelter, privacy, and peace for both humans and animals. Trees can also cause problems if their roots break through the foundations of homes and lift pavings. A landscaping expert can help you make an informed decision about where your trees should be planted.

Weeds and Weeds

A common complaint among homeowners is weeds that strangle their lawns and affect the aesthetic of their yards. A professional can help you avoid the costly mistake of spraying toxic herbicides on your lawn if you have trouble with persistent weed problems.

pta landscape design

An Uneven, Sparse Lawn

Some grass patches never seem to grow no matter how hard you work. Common reasons include insufficient sunlight, lawn diseases, and pests. An expert landscaping artist can help diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate actions to prevent it from getting worse.

Inadequate Drainage

A few rainy days can quickly show you that your yard does not drain well. Your plants will rot if they don’t get enough air. Drainage can be difficult in some gardens. A professional opinion is the best way to ensure your success.

Plant Diseases & Pests

If left unchecked, pests and diseases that can kill plants (such as grubs and fungi) could cause severe damage to your plants. Not all pesticides and/or fungicides work. They can be harmful to certain animal life, plants, and humans.

Hotchpotch Gardens

Many gardens have a mix of different flowers, shrubs, and groundcovers and aren’t well-planned. These yards can look chaotic and unorganized, as well as have problems such as plants taking water, nutrients and light from others. A landscaping professional can help you create a cohesive theme that will be an extension of your home.

We are a team of professional gardeners as well as affordable landscaping products and services. Get in touch with Windy Willows online to learn more.


Rainwater Harvesting Techniques: Pure Common Sense

As much as we abhor circus animals and whales kept captive, future generations will likely look at our wasteful ways and be incredulous at how we ignored so many natural, good, and sensible practices for so many years. Even though the planet needs help, we all knew it. I immediately think of rainwater harvesting methods. Although these techniques have improved over the years, most people still allow the precious resource to trickle.

The sun, wind and rain provide almost unlimited energy and resources. However, it also helps humanity reconnect to the touchstones that guide us on our journey, the natural forces that create our lives and shape our behaviour. It is also true that rainwater harvesting techniques have a strong conservation ethos. But, it is not enough to make money. South Africa’s extremely dry and wet cycles can cause water restrictions.

As rainwater harvesting becomes more common, more emphasis is being placed on the need to ensure that the annual rainwater runs through the garden storage tanks. This is usually used for watering the plants or the ablution pipelines. Every time we can save water or return grey water to its proper use, we contribute to the collective good of the earth.

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to feel good. It is a good idea to use rainwater from the sky to water your garden. It also feels more socially acceptable. While there were some close calls in Gauteng, we tend to watch from afar as Cape Town suffers water shortages. It’s a worrying sight, but it doesn’t matter where we are in SA. We should take note of how we waste our summer rains.

Irrigation Systems Installation & Repair pretoria

Rainwater Harvesting is Simple and Smart

There are only a few essential components to a rainwater harvesting method that works. Let the professionals do it. Professional installers are experts in this field. They have been there a thousand times and know every detail.

Rainwater harvesting systems that are poorly installed and do not produce the best results are totally unsuitable. Professional installers can do the job right the first time. The setup fee includes water on tap. This is usually enough to pay for the entire installation in about a year. After that, you will enjoy a long stretch with no maintenance or repairs before it becomes a profitable venture. Rainwater harvesting techniques were designed around the simple savings that are common to all who take the time to collect rainwater.

Garden maintenance is a constant task that gets more difficult during the summer. The perfect time to get started with routine maintenance and prepare the landscape for the hot sun is spring. Some homeowners like to tend to their yards on their own but hiring a professional landscaping company can help you maintain a beautiful yard. Here are some key benefits of hiring a professional landscaper:

Designers Need A Vision

Many homeowners don’t have the necessary skills to design a landscape. The garden might need more than just a few finishing touches if it’s looking a little tired. For the best functional and aesthetic results, a professional landscaping company will usually hire a landscape architect to design critical pieces of landscape.

Knowing How To Do It

You may have a huge garden that is difficult to manage. A professional landscaping company doesn’t just cut grass or pull weeds. They have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right products and techniques to accomplish any task.

The local climate is also important to professional landscapers. They can tell you which plants are best suited for the soil and what fertilizers they should use. The owners of a business can tap into their years-long experience and expert knowledge in this field by hiring a professional.

Landscaping in Pretoria

Producing The Right Plants

It is not always easy to obtain exotic ornamental trees or plants. A professional company will have extensive connections with local and national growers and sellers. You can have a beautiful garden by hiring a professional to source, grow, and maintain the ornamental plant.

Saving Time

If you work Monday through Friday, ornamental garden plants need to be taken care of. Professional landscapers can help you save the day. A professional landscaper’s highly-trained and organized staff makes quick work of the most difficult gardens and lawns, leaving behind a perfect landscape. Enjoy the extra time you have with your family, or take the lawn care job to do.

Saving Money

It may seem counterintuitive but landscaping companies will ultimately save you money. They are familiar with all types of gardening equipment, methods and techniques, as well as how to use them. You can be sure that your job will be done right, every time. There is no risk of mishaps or injury. You will also get more value for your hourly rate because they have more staff to assist you with delicate or time-consuming tasks.

A Complete Service

A professional landscaper isn’t specialized in one method or yard feature. Instead, they can tailor their services to suit the needs of homeowners and businesses. This will ensure that the best possible results are achieved and the building’s overall value is increased. Landscaping can be one of your best investments. Do not try to do it alone and call your landscaping experts in Pretoria.

South Africans are most familiar with the sun. Your garden will get a lot of sunlight thanks to our long, warm summers. Shaded gardens are also possible, depending on the area of the garden, and the placement of trees or netting.

Gardens have more than enough of each. Many garden owners are left with a dilemma: what plants should they purchase? We have a list that lists the best plants for shade and the best for the sun to ensure that every corner of your garden is cultivated and enjoyed.

4 Best Shade Plants

These are the best options if you’re looking to add greenery to your shaded spaces.

  1. Foxglove: This is a great way to add a little colour to your garden. It can be grown in both semi-shade and sun so it doesn’t matter if the sun rays are hitting it at times. We recommend Creeping Foxglove because they’re great for hanging baskets, and their beautiful white flowers are very eye-catching.
  2. Agapantha is a hardy perennial that is very popular. It adds a subtle searing of purple or white to any garden. These flowers are great to plant in flowerbeds or next to pavements. The African Lily is another option if you wish to keep it native.
  3. Orange Clivia – Keep your garden shining with the Orange Clivia. It is ideal for mass planting under trees. This perennial flower blooms in the early spring.
  4. Fern: Ferns are the best plant to cover shaded areas. They can be found near water features or under trees. The Norfolk Tree Fern is a great example.

The Best 4 Sunflower Plants

These are the best ways to enjoy the sun without worrying about how it will affect your plants.

  1. Lavender is a perennial favourite because it adds soft colour to your space and also has a wonderful smell. They are great for small and large gardens. You can either choose the Lavender Bush or our striking Lavender Trees.
  2. Hibiscus – Another shrub that produces vibrant flowers for your garden. They are very hardy and can be grown in containers.
  3. Agave: What could be better than a succulent? These plants are easy to care for as they can withstand extreme heat and are drought-tolerant. So you can beautify your rockery garden, we have Twin Flower as well as Caribbean Agave.
  4. Aloe: Another plant that is almost synonymous with the sun, they also have a unique beauty. Bitter Aloe is a great addition to any garden if you want to attract birds.

We are your landscaping experts in Pretoria for your landscape design.

We are still in 2022 so let’s take a look at some of the hot trends. You want your beautiful and trendy garden to be displayed when everyone comes over for the holidays.

Let’s look at the most popular garden landscaping trends for this year.

Popular Garden Landscaping Trends

  • Low-Carbon Landscaping:
    Many of us strive to make the world a better and more peaceful place. One way to make the world a better place is to decrease our carbon footprint. Low-carbon landscaping refers to going green. It involves everything from growing your own herbs or vegetables to using local resources like additives. Our PotionG pots are the perfect place to plant your barbeque rose.
  • Go metal:
    Every year, new materials are added to our trends lists. 2022 seems to have been the year for all things metal in terms of garden landscaping. Metal can add a unique look to your garden, from planters to water features. It can also be a great conversation point at Sunday braai.
  • Water Features
    South Africa tends towards being warmer and this summer is likely to be even hotter. A water feature or birdbath might be a great addition for your feathered friends. A garden with water makes it feel like they are in an oasis.

Landscaping in Pretoria -instant lawn Pretoria

  • Save water:
    Many trends in water conservation and sustainability are focused on conserving water. This can be achieved by choosing drought-resistant plants, or at least plants that consume little water. Our Plant Selector will help you identify the right type of plant for you. Select “Low” in the “water” category, and you’ll be presented with a list of plants with low water use, such as Ripple Jade, or Wild Olive.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
    There is a growing demand for eco-conscious fashion trends in 2022. Therefore, it makes sense to use recycled materials. The possibilities are limitless, with everything from recycled bricks for pavements to recycled wood borders for borders. The best thing about DIY crafts is that they almost always use recycled materials. YouTube can be a good resource for anyone who doesn’t believe in their imagination.
  • Artificial Is The New Real:
    Artificial grass is cost-effective and low-maintenance. This means you won’t have to take on extra stress for the holidays. Even if this trend isn’t for you, you might still like the idea of having less to maintain.

Give your landscaping experts a call for your new design trend for your landscape design project.