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A garden can be an important part of any home. It can provide a relaxing and serene environment where you can spend time with your family and friends, or even just enjoy the beauty of nature in a place that you can call your own even if your outdoor space is small.

When it comes to designing a small garden, there are so many things to consider for a small garden. You need to think about what plants will thrive in your specific location, Pretoria, and how you want your small garden to look. Here are a few small garden ideas that can be used to make a small garden look great!

How do you create a beautiful garden if you don’t have a lot of space?

Whatever the shape of your garden, zoning is a great way to add visual interest and functionality for a design. Some small garden ideas suggest to create up to three distinct zones using soft hedging, decking ideas, light paving slabs, and decorative stones for the illusion of space.

Setting the decking boards to a level surface that is perpendicular to the flooring can help to prevent a gap from occurring in a small garden. If there is an existing gap, you can remove the decking boards and adjust them until the gap is closed for a neater look. This also allows for the best possible seal that will keep water out of your home and make the most of the space in a garden.

What can I do with tiny garden space?

Looking for a small, rectangular space to grow flowers or vegetables? Consider a few of the trees you have already around your garden, including some which are attractive, and add them to your small garden to for a bit of colour and good aromas.

If you only have room for one tree, choose one which adds interest across seasons. This is a great way to add some shade and colour to your small garden and one of the better small garden ideas for the Pretoria heat. In spring, trees will produce flowers, and in autumn, their leaves and fruits will be attractive.

If you have a good spot for a tree, add in a small apple tree, which will bring delight for months on end in a small garden.

Small garden idea

What vegetables grow in a small space?

Here are a few suggestions of vegetables you can grow in your garden and add to your small garden design ideas, especially if your space is small and limited:

  • Tomatoes
  • Radishes
  • Chilies
  • Lettuce
  • Runner beans
  • Lemons
  • Herbs

These small garden ideas for your vegetable planting in Pretoria will help you to make the most of your space and make a difference to your kitchen recipes when they grow.

Small garden ideas

  1. Create a mini herb garden – Herbs don’t have to be only found in windowsills or large vegetable patches. Upcycle a coffee table or a sideboard to create a small, bijou herb garden. By placing your herbs higher you’ll also save your back a lot of strain that you might get from bending over vegetable beds and make a difference to small gardens.
  2. Hang your plants – Hooks can save you a lot of space in the garden and in the house. When using a hook to hang things on a wall, you don’t have to worry about hitting nails or staples into a wall. This also works as a handy way to store items until you have the space to set them in a permanent place or make small gardens look bigger.
  3. Enliven the space with colour – As with interior decorating, think about how using colour can help invigorate an outdoor space. Use small garden ideas to add depth to the space with using garden paint ideas to paint the walls in a vibrant shade for a fresh look. Small plants, such as succulents, that are low maintenance and don’t require a lot of care are great for your  Pretoria backyard.

If you have great small garden ideas, then why not make it beautiful, even in a small garden?

In fact, that is what a splash of colour can do for your space! Just by adding a dash of the right hue to a garden design, you can completely change how it looks. It will look like a new design that has a fresh feel and can be just the change you need to add to a small garden.


Landscaping for a small garden

What plants can you add to a small garden?

  • “Fitwhites”-The green and white striped leaves of these ornamental, evergreen grasses are so fresh looking in an outdoor space, they bring light and life to dull areas, while their fountain shape makes them a good choice if you’d like to add texture to your small garden.
  • White roses – A knee-high variety which produces a continuous display of both single flowers and clusters can be visually appealing. It is ideal for cutting, and can be good for a small garden at night as its flowers almost glow in the dark.
  • “Flower power” daisies – Although they are happy in flower beds they also make excellent container subjects in a small space to create the illusion of colour and birghtness for your space. Make a small space for them in your garden for a bright focus point.

How do you brighten a small garden?

Simple lighting – Consider using fairy lights to add a little magic to your home in a small garden. While they’re available from most home improvement shops, you can also easily make your own with a few simple items that you can find around the house or yard and make the use of the items you may already have. Try out these small garden ideas with a beautiful DIY touch.

Add sparkle with silvery plants -Include silver plants as one of the first things in your small garden in the spring to create a focus point. Silver foliage and foliage is a very popular design element in a home garden. They can be planted in any area of a garden, but they look particularly beautiful in a group within small spaces in front of a house.

Scented plants at your door – Plant them where they’ll smell great! As long as the plants are well established, planted in rich, well-draining soil, and positioned in your garden to receive at least four hours of full sun a day, they should be fine. That said, even plants that are not placed where they’ll receive direct sunlight will still grow, so you can make the most of a small garden space.

Landscaping small garden lighting ideas

How do I make my garden look modern?

Plants are amazing! They look good in almost any climate, from sunny gardens to shady ones, and provide beautiful color to your space all through the year. In fact, evergreens are the best plants for your small garden!

A rosemary plant will provide both an aromatic and long-lasting presence to any kitchen or your outdoor space. This hardy perennial evergreen has soft foliage, small blues to violet flowers and is attractive to bees and butterflies to a garden.

Plant it in beds, borders or pots that are in the sunshine. Set aside a little time for gardening, and find a place to relax create a laidback spot in your home. There are many good small garden ideas for outdoor furniture, and even a bit of outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining and relaxing for a social visit in an outdoor area.

Small gardens,

are just a small space in which you can grow beautiful plants and add in small garden ideas to create the illusion of more space and eye-catching.

The best small garden ideas are easy to create and use all the available space to make the most of your garden. Small gardens don’t need to be big or complex. These ideas can create the illusion of more space, make your garden more attractive and your outdoor space could feel bigger.

We can help your make you outdoor space your own with your small garden ideas you would like to add. Make your small garden the best in the  Pretoria neighbourhood and make it you!

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