Pretoria Landscaping Tips: Making the Most of Groundcovers

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Landscaping in Pretoria brings its unique set of challenges and rewards. And when it comes to adding a touch of nature to those empty spaces, groundcovers are a brilliant solution. Why are they so popular among Pretoria landscapers? Why Choose Groundcovers for Your Pretoria Garden? Choosing the Right Groundcover: Your Pretoria garden deserves the best…. Read more »

Design Inspiration for your landscape

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Do you remember sitting in your garden for a while, just thinking? It’s not about looking at something in particular. Instead, think about all things related to your garden. Ask yourself questions like “What if I planted there a tree?” or “What if I moved the paving slabs? What would I do?” It does not… Read more »

Landscaping Planners to Create New Gardens

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Do I Need a New Garden? Some homeowners don’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to plan a new garden. A garden plan may have to be created from scratch in order to fit the new home. Alternatively, you might want to transform your old garden into an exciting new space that welcomes you, your… Read more »

5 Indigenous tree myths you should know

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Landscaping in Pretoria- landscape design

South African homeowners prefer local plants over imported varieties because they require less maintenance. It is true that the environment in which the trees originate is the best, but it is not a good idea to just plant them. Plants have a set of needs that must be met in order to thrive. Failure to… Read more »

Signs your garden needs a professional landscaper

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Landscaping in Pretoria- Landscaper

Although landscaping is all about beautifying your yard, many homeowners choose to hire a landscaper. However, landscaping is essential to ensure your garden thrives. Many homeowners spend thousands trying to fix problems in their backyards when a landscaper could have done it quicker and for much less money. We will look at some signs your… Read more »

Rainwater Harvesting: Techniques

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Landscaping in Pretoria - Landscaping services

Rainwater Harvesting Techniques: Pure Common Sense As much as we abhor circus animals and whales kept captive, future generations will likely look at our wasteful ways and be incredulous at how we ignored so many natural, good, and sensible practices for so many years. Even though the planet needs help, we all knew it. I… Read more »

Benefits Of Hiring A Pro Landscaper

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Garden maintenance is a constant task that gets more difficult during the summer. The perfect time to get started with routine maintenance and prepare the landscape for the hot sun is spring. Some homeowners like to tend to their yards on their own but hiring a professional landscaping company can help you maintain a beautiful… Read more »

The Best Shade- and Sun-loving Plants

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South Africans are most familiar with the sun. Your garden will get a lot of sunlight thanks to our long, warm summers. Shaded gardens are also possible, depending on the area of the garden, and the placement of trees or netting. Gardens have more than enough of each. Many garden owners are left with a… Read more »

Garden Landscaping Trends in 2022

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pta landscape design

We are still in 2022 so let’s take a look at some of the hot trends. You want your beautiful and trendy garden to be displayed when everyone comes over for the holidays. Let’s look at the most popular garden landscaping trends for this year. Popular Garden Landscaping Trends Low-Carbon Landscaping: Many of us strive… Read more »