Whether you’re buying instant turf from a lawn supplier or growing from seeds, it’s important you know which season is the right one to plant new lawn in, in order to give it the best chance of establishing itself.

The best season will depend on your local climate and the type of grass you’re using. It also depends whether you are planting instant lawn, or seeding a new lawn (Irrigators LLC has some great tips on choosing which is best).


Generally considered the best time to plant new lawn, spring offers plenty of moisture without being too hot, thereby encouraging deep root growth that will help the grass survive in the dry summer. If you live in a climate where spring is still cold and subject to frost, it’s advisable to wait until later in the season or even until early summer. If you are making use of the latest ipm methods, it helps tremendously to ensure your new lawn is established much faster.


The beginning of summer can be a productive time to grow new grass, as long as the days are not too hot and you make sure your lawn receives all the water it requires. New lawns may need watering up to four times a day to beat the heat stress during the crucial first two weeks of planting.


Even as other plants become dormant, most lawns continue their growing cycle during the autumn. With temperatures and rainfall comparable to the spring, you could still establish a successful lawn before winter arrives.


In most climates around South Africa, it’s recommended to wait until the spring.

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