Make sure your lawn is getting all the nutrient it needs by carrying out essential repairs before summer arrives, including adding a layer of top dressing. At Landscaping in Pretoria, we are big believers in using top dressing. Let’s find out why.

top dressing pretoria east

Adding Nutrients

Top dressing adds a thin layer of organic, nutrient-rich soil to targeted areas of your lawn, which will encourage the growth of new shoots, improve drainage and produce a denser lawn during the summer that will be more resistant to weeds and other infestations.

There are different varieties of top dressing available, depending on the type of soil you have in your yard. One two kilogram should be more than enough to cover one square metre of lawn.

Top dressing should only be applied when you notice parts of your lawn looking unhealthy or sparse. It should not be part of your regular lawn maintenance as this can lead to thatching and weed growth..

Repairing the Lawn

If your lawn is damaged or not level, top dressing can be strategically added to balance out the lawn surface. For deeper holes, you should only add up to 12mm of top dressing at once, adding more once the lawn has had a chance to regrow.

Lawn repairs should ideally be carried out in the early spring, when the lawn is no longer dormant but before the fast growth period begins. Top dressing should be applied one to two weeks after fertilising the lawn.

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