If your looking to install an automatic sprinkler system at your Pretoria home but still unsure, we have some benefits that can help sway your decision.  For many Gauteng homeowners, a well kept lawn gives you a sense of pride. Whether your growing vegetables in the garden or just enjoy having a well maintained yard to showcase, an automatic sprinkler system can help you to achieve your landscape goals.

To understand the benefits of installing an automatic sprinkler system we provided this list of sprinkler system assets.

Rotor sprinklers

Rotor sprinkler have been around since the 1980′s and are common on Golf course and large scale irrigation.  Rotors can shoot water from 5 meters to over 30 meters.  If the space permits, rotors are usually the go-to solution for irrigating large grassy areas.  Rotors can be set to apply water at lower pressure rates and thus are a great way to cover a large area at a low cost.

Weather Sensors

Automatic weather sensors are an essential part of any automatic irrigation system.  These sensors can adapt to your local weather conditions and react accordingly. Weather irrigation sensors can predict rain and heat conditions and will create an optimal schedule for your automatic system to adhere to. Although, when water restrictions are set these sensors do not apply, as they can not predict local watering laws.

Automatic Sprinkler System Controllers

Sprinkler controllers are the brains of the entire sprinkler system. Controllers are programmed to automate watering zones and times, this is common in most systems.  Newer controllers can have more zones programmed and have solar prediction capabilities. Having a good controller is a must in any automatic sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Sprays and Nozzles

Pop up sprays are the most common sprinkler installed when you have an automatic system. The spray can reach from 1 to 4 meters and diameter. Sprays come in all shapes and sizes, but typically use a nozzle and a body. Choosing the right nozzle and body are dependent on your landscape area, soil, and plats to be watered.

Sprinkler Valves

Valves act as the viens and heart of the automatic system. Sprinkler valves open and close to allow the flow of water to reach the rotors and sprays. Without sprinkler valves, an automatic sprinkler system would not be able to operate correctly.

Landscaping in Pretoria offer irrigation services in the Pretoria and Gauteng area with quality automatic sprinkler system installations and maintenance.

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