South Africans are most familiar with the sun. Your garden will get a lot of sunlight thanks to our long, warm summers. Shaded gardens are also possible, depending on the area of the garden, and the placement of trees or netting.

Gardens have more than enough of each. Many garden owners are left with a dilemma: what plants should they purchase? We have a list that lists the best plants for shade and the best for the sun to ensure that every corner of your garden is cultivated and enjoyed.

4 Best Shade Plants

These are the best options if you’re looking to add greenery to your shaded spaces.

  1. Foxglove: This is a great way to add a little colour to your garden. It can be grown in both semi-shade and sun so it doesn’t matter if the sun rays are hitting it at times. We recommend Creeping Foxglove because they’re great for hanging baskets, and their beautiful white flowers are very eye-catching.
  2. Agapantha is a hardy perennial that is very popular. It adds a subtle searing of purple or white to any garden. These flowers are great to plant in flowerbeds or next to pavements. The African Lily is another option if you wish to keep it native.
  3. Orange Clivia – Keep your garden shining with the Orange Clivia. It is ideal for mass planting under trees. This perennial flower blooms in the early spring.
  4. Fern: Ferns are the best plant to cover shaded areas. They can be found near water features or under trees. The Norfolk Tree Fern is a great example.

The Best 4 Sunflower Plants

These are the best ways to enjoy the sun without worrying about how it will affect your plants.

  1. Lavender is a perennial favourite because it adds soft colour to your space and also has a wonderful smell. They are great for small and large gardens. You can either choose the Lavender Bush or our striking Lavender Trees.
  2. Hibiscus – Another shrub that produces vibrant flowers for your garden. They are very hardy and can be grown in containers.
  3. Agave: What could be better than a succulent? These plants are easy to care for as they can withstand extreme heat and are drought-tolerant. So you can beautify your rockery garden, we have Twin Flower as well as Caribbean Agave.
  4. Aloe: Another plant that is almost synonymous with the sun, they also have a unique beauty. Bitter Aloe is a great addition to any garden if you want to attract birds.

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