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Rainwater Harvesting Techniques: Pure Common Sense

As much as we abhor circus animals and whales kept captive, future generations will likely look at our wasteful ways and be incredulous at how we ignored so many natural, good, and sensible practices for so many years. Even though the planet needs help, we all knew it. I immediately think of rainwater harvesting methods. Although these techniques have improved over the years, most people still allow the precious resource to trickle.

The sun, wind and rain provide almost unlimited energy and resources. However, it also helps humanity reconnect to the touchstones that guide us on our journey, the natural forces that create our lives and shape our behaviour. It is also true that rainwater harvesting techniques have a strong conservation ethos. But, it is not enough to make money. South Africa’s extremely dry and wet cycles can cause water restrictions.

As rainwater harvesting becomes more common, more emphasis is being placed on the need to ensure that the annual rainwater runs through the garden storage tanks. This is usually used for watering the plants or the ablution pipelines. Every time we can save water or return grey water to its proper use, we contribute to the collective good of the earth.

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to feel good. It is a good idea to use rainwater from the sky to water your garden. It also feels more socially acceptable. While there were some close calls in Gauteng, we tend to watch from afar as Cape Town suffers water shortages. It’s a worrying sight, but it doesn’t matter where we are in SA. We should take note of how we waste our summer rains.

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Rainwater Harvesting is Simple and Smart

There are only a few essential components to a rainwater harvesting method that works. Let the professionals do it. Professional installers are experts in this field. They have been there a thousand times and know every detail.

Rainwater harvesting systems that are poorly installed and do not produce the best results are totally unsuitable. Professional installers can do the job right the first time. The setup fee includes water on tap. This is usually enough to pay for the entire installation in about a year. After that, you will enjoy a long stretch with no maintenance or repairs before it becomes a profitable venture. Rainwater harvesting techniques were designed around the simple savings that are common to all who take the time to collect rainwater.

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