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South African homeowners prefer local plants over imported varieties because they require less maintenance. It is true that the environment in which the trees originate is the best, but it is not a good idea to just plant them. Plants have a set of needs that must be met in order to thrive. Failure to take proper care of your garden can lead to plant death or withering.

While you may be keen to plant the most popular local greenery in the backyard of your home, we suggest that you first look at our top five myths regarding the growing of indigenous trees.

Any soil will work

This is one of many misconceptions about where to plant indigenous trees. Good, nutritious soil is essential for cultivating plants. Many people don’t know that there are different types of soil. The soil’s pH level and the content are also important characteristics. A professional can help you determine the type of soil in your garden.

All Local Trees Can Be Made Evergreen

It is a great convenience to plant an evergreen sapling. Many assume that “evergreen”, “indigenous”, and “indigenous”, are synonyms. It does not necessarily mean that all local trees will bear fruits, leaves, and flowers all year, even though they have been adapted to our climate.

You don’t have to water them

South Africa’s water crisis is caused by a lack of water. In order to conserve water, dry-area homeowners try to avoid exotic plants and water-guzzling plants. It is true that exotic plants may require more water but it is not correct to assume that indigenous trees will need less water. It is important to determine how much water is needed when replanting an indigenous species. Remember that local species may require more water the first year they settle into a new area.

All Over the Country, Local Species thrive

If the genus originates from a different biome than yours, planting the wrong tree in your garden can cause problems. It is possible for the tree to die or become invasive. You should research your area to determine which plants will be most compatible with the microclimate.

Indigenous Trees Grow Very Slowly

No two species are exactly the same, yet again. Some plants in the area grow slower than others. However, some exotic plants are faster. There are many species that can grow quickly in the area and can grow up to 1.5m per year.

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