1800 pop-up sprays

Pop-up sprays with interchangeable heads make them very versatile for the irrigation of small lawn areas, shrub and flower beds.

Used for irrigation systems in parks and backyards across the globe, Rain Bird’s 1800 Series is the #1 commercial-grade irrigation brand in the world. The choice of more professional landscape contractors over any other pop-up sprinkler. Chosen for its reliability, heavy-duty materials and versatility, the 1800 Series offers a broad selection of spray heads for watering shrubs, small lawns and irregularly shaped planting areas. Precision spray heads and nozzles customize your watering system to cover virtually any configuration lawn or garden – not the sidewalk or driveway! The 1800 Series offers Rain Bird’s patented pop-up mechanism for out-of-sight retraction into the lawn when not in operation, full and partial circle coverage and infinite pattern adjustment for optimum head-to-head coverage.

3500 rotor pop-up sprinklers

The 3500 series rotor is an easy to use short to mid-range ½” gear drive rotor, offering value and convenience for residential applications. Utilising a simple flat-blade screwdriver, the 3500’ arc adjustment is quick and easy.

Rainbird 5004 Pop-up Sprinkler

A rugged, mid range gear driven rotor sprinkler delivers unrivalled performance, is durable and features convenient arc adjustment from the top. Specifically designed for residential, commercial and sports field installations with spacing’s up to 15m, trusts that this rotor is more reliable and robust and will perform year after year.The 5000 Enhanced and 5000 Plus Series mid-range rotor complements Rain Bird’s already strong Top Adjust Rotor Family, by offering greater durability, high quality standards and performance. Whether used in a residential or commercial application, the 5000 Series promises to deliver “the next evolution in Rotor Performance”.

Falcon 6504, 7000 & 8000 Pop-up Sprinkler

Full or part circle rotor sprinkler giving uncompromising performance, superior distribution, reliability and durability. Rain curtain nozzles maximise performance and coverage. A multi function wiper seal and tapered riser keep stem clear of debris, providing long term protection. Falcon 5504 is ideal for large lawns and parks, sports filed, schools and commercial sites with spacing’s up to 20m.

iESP Class Modular Programme Controller

Maximize your productivity with this userfriendly and powerful controller. The iESP Modular controller is the solution for residential and light commercial landscapes.
3 independent programmes.
4 automatic starts per programme
0—4 hours run-time per programme.
Independent programming schedules.
Even and odd day watering, cyclical watering 1– 31 days.

24vac Solenoid Control Valves

Economical; irrigation valve for residential and light commercial applications where flow control is required. Unique, easy to use, patented pressure assisted flow control mechanism.

Pipework and Fittings

In ground pipework in pvc or polythene with glue or compression joints. All installed with the minimum of disturbance, although it is normally advised that work carried out before any new landscaping works.

Pumps and Water Storage

Small systems can often be run from mains water, but larger systems will require the provision of water storage and a pressure pump to achieve optimum system performance. Water storage can be above or below ground and rainwater from roofs can be diverted to the tanks to save on mains water use.