If you have recently bought a new home, it may come with an irrigation system already installed.  The best part about purchasing a home with an irrigation system in place is that you don’t have any upfront costs.  Designing a new irrigation system that conforms to your home can be an stressful and full of uncertainty.  If you live in a residential neighborhood and are looking to design a custom irrigation system, your in luck.  Here are the steps we take to design a custom irrigation system for your home.

Custom Irrigation System Design

Mapping out your irrigation area is the first step in designing your irrigation system.  We walk your property lines and create a working map of your lawn and the areas that are to be irrigated.  We draw out specific areas that are in need of irrigation, we find sloping and dry areas and take photos to pair with our design.

Next we draw out the schematics of the installation, this includes choosing where to use sprinkler sprays and rotors as well as sprinkler valve placement and pipe lines.  We will determine what type of sprinkler heads will deliver the optimal treatment to surrounding plants and trees.

The final step is to install the automatic sprinkler system and adjust irrigation levels to match our design and configuration.  This process usually takes a few weeks to measure the outcomes and adjust accordingly.

Residential Irrigation Design

If your neighborhood homes are built close together, you will generally start to see results quicker because of the groundwater doesn’t have to travel very far.  As for home that are built on acres of land and spread apart, your lawn will take a much longer time to adjust to the new irrigation system.  Irrigation design is an art and a constant organically driven task.  Irrigating a lawn takes time and can not be rushed, but you can plan effectively to expect great results.