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Automated Irrigation Systems, Your Garden

It can sometimes be tedious to maintain our garden, but the results are so worth it. There is nothing better than walking into a serene green oasis and knowing you helped create this little piece of paradise. It’s this feeling that inspires so many green thumbs and is why Landscaping in Pretoria exists. Automated irrigation systems have made gardening easier and you can now enjoy your outdoor space.

Maintaining a garden requires effort. If there are many plants, it can be more. Water is one of the biggest problems gardeners face. Water is a major problem for gardeners. We have all been there. Were you aware that there are ways to get around these difficulties? An automated irrigation system could be what the garden doctor needs.

How do automated irrigation systems work?

Before we discuss the amazing benefits, let us first look at the mechanism behind it. These systems make it possible to establish an automatic watering schedule for your garden using a controller and a timer. We explain the components of the system and the workings of each one.

  • The controller: This component is probably the most important. It is attached to the valves that are in a ground box. This box houses the main water source and it splits into separate valves.
  • The valves: These can be attached to both the controller and the pipes. They can be controlled by the controller’s electric impulses and timers, which allow them to be switched on and off at designated times.
  • Sprinkler heads and pipes

We stock all components needed to install an automatic irrigation system. Different types of sprinkler systems are available to suit your needs. We have pop-ups that can be used to water your lawn, grass and areas, as well as micro misters that are ideal for those with narrower beds.

The benefits of an automated irrigation system

You will need to learn how it can help you before you request quotes and install the system. You can see the many benefits of an automated irrigation program:

  1. It’s time to say goodbye to manual labour. Gone are the days when you used to have a hose in your garden and then had trouble with all those knots and blocks. Everything is now automated so you don’t even need to be there to water your garden. Install your system, set up a schedule and then flip a switch.
  2. Professionals are your best friend: If you hire the right people to do the job, you can rest assured that the system has been installed properly and that a professional can maintain it. Landscaping in Pretoria’s landscaping service will measure your property and create the best irrigation plan for your garden. All of this is included in your consultation.
  3. Automation is a key to efficiency: Automated irrigation systems are much more efficient. Because you don’t have to worry about your sprinkler missing a spot, dry patches won’t occur. Your garden will not be under or overwatered because the coverage is more precise. This will help you save money over time as your water bill won’t change and you won’t be surprised in the end.

Get a quote to install an automated irrigation system professionally from us in Pretoria.

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