taking care of your lawn for summer means alot of fun

A beautiful lawn is a great complement to any home and summer is definitely the time to make sure your lawn looks its best. But the heat of summer can quickly take its toll, which is why you need to make sure that you focus on the right summer lawn care.

Here are five great tips to ensure your lawn looks its best this summer:

Mow at the right height

When summer approaches, adjust your mower height to leave the grass taller. Taller grass will shade the soil, reduce water evaporation and lead to deeper roots. Although the ideal mowing height will vary between grass types, try to never cut more than a third of the surface at a time says John at NGB Landscaping company.

Clean up after your pooch

When your dog urinates on the grass it may cause dead spots, so always flush the area with water to dilute the urine into the soil. A good summer lawn care tip is to create a pebbled area and train the dog to use that for bathroom breaks. Also make sure that you always pick up waste as soon as possible and dispose of it properly.

Avoid parking on the grass

It’s never a good idea to drive or park on the lawn. It can lead to soil compaction, which in turn can cause a host of other problems, including dead grass. When it’s dry or very warm during summer, try to limit foot traffic on the grass to avoid damaging the turf crowns.

Sharpen your mower blade

When your mower blade is dull, it can lead to ragged, brown edges as it tears the grass. This also creates an opportunity for disease organisms to set in. Be sure to regularly sharpen your mower blade and consider purchasing a second blade to make sure you always have a sharp one available to use.

Keep it clean

With summer causing you to spend more time outside, these activities can lead to toys, water games and lawn chairs being left all over your lawn. Be sure to pick everything up regularly to avoid damage to the grass and leaving dangerous objects behind when you mow.

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